The Global Realignment Foundation Trust

making the world a better place


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We invite you to visit some partners in our mission to change the world.


The Noble Equities Trust Consortium Groupe


Immanuel de Agrella

Who we are

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The Global Realignment Foundation Trust (The GRFT) is a not-for-profit, nonpartisan effort founded by Immanuel de Agrella, Noble Equities Trust Consortium Groupe and TriaxDAQ founder and chairman.


Endowed by its founder through a generous contribution-in-kind, Mr. de Agrella’s gift represents a market value of over US$53 billion as of January 1, 2009 – the largest single donation by an individual to a global cause. As such, The GRFT will never have to ask for financial assistance, lobby for political favour, or compromise on its core beliefs and principles to accomplish our tasks and to reach our goals.


We are many things: a brain trust, a think tank, a philanthropic endeavour.


We seek to inspire through action and results – to create a movement that motivates the personal spirit and individual will to tackle and solve the various issues that we all face in common as tenants of Planet Earth.


You will never see us soliciting for donations, peddling our latest books and t-shirts, or trying to curry for public opinion or favour. We believe that too much time and effort is spent by too many other well-meaning organizations on these pursuits, and not enough energy and resources are being directed at the problems themselves and their possible solutions.


We have no desire to be another “cause celebrataire”. We believe one hitherto unknown person actually going out and doing something is worth more than one hundred celebrities or politicians talking about doing something. Awareness is good, action is better – concrete results are best.


Our agenda is as simple as it is transparent: to make the world a better place.


Strip away the artificially imposed divisions of country, religion, politics, and race, and you will see that we are all, at our innermost core, human beings. We each strive day-to-day to live in dignity, and we all battle onwards in the hope that our future generations will prosper and that posterity will look kindly upon our deeds.


We don’t have all the answers – but we do have some.


We challenge you to go out and put your thoughts into action.


One individual can change the world.